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Join the Adventure: Open Beta for Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Now Live!

Exciting news for all Pathfinder 2nd Edition players! Demiplane has just launched the open beta for their Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools. This online suite is designed to assist both new and experienced players in creating and managing their Pathfinder characters.

The Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools include the Character Builder and the Character Sheet. The Character Builder guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a character, even if you’re not familiar with the rules. The Character Sheet is interactive and includes a click-to-know system, shareable character sheets, calculations, automations, a dice roller, and more.


The tools are optimized for mobile, tablets, and desktop screens, and no download or installation is required. You can access your characters and the tools anywhere you have a data connection.


During the open beta, Demiplane encourages players to provide feedback and stay up-to-date on changes. You can participate in the community and provide feedback on the Demiplane Forums. They also provide weekly Dev Updates on Twitch and YouTube.

With a free Demiplane account, you can create up to 7 characters. If you want to create more, you can upgrade to a paid Demiplane Membership, which unlocks unlimited characters and the ability to share your Pathfinder NEXUS library with up to 24 people.

To try out the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools for yourself, click here. Join the open beta and start creating your Pathfinder 2nd Edition characters today!

Fablecraft: A Vibrant and Accessible Digital Tabletop Roleplaying Experience

Introducing Fablecraft, an upcoming digital-first tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) experience developed by indie gaming studio Riftweaver. Fablecraft aims to break down the barriers to entry often associated with TTRPGs, providing a vibrant and easy-to-use platform for both seasoned players and those new to the genre. With its unique features and intuitive design, Fablecraft invites players to embark on collaborative storytelling adventures like never before.

Fablecraft addresses the intimidating learning curve that often deters newcomers from exploring TTRPGs. It offers a low barrier to entry, allowing all players, regardless of experience, to come together and enjoy the immersive world of tabletop roleplaying. The game leverages digital features to provide an effortless and intuitive experience, removing the need for laborious onboarding, complex stat-checking, or lengthy rule manuals. Fablecraft is designed to be picked up and played within 90 minutes, making it accessible to players with busy schedules.

One of the standout features of Fablecraft is its innovative game system, set in a new world called Mythas. Players assume the roles of Mages, wielding unique powers influenced by their chosen homeland, class, and fighting style. Character creation is quick and easy, and the game incorporates interactive battle maps and digital dice rolls, streamlining gameplay mechanics and allowing players to stay fully engaged in the unfolding story. Fablecraft seamlessly combines immersive visuals, integrated video, audio, and text chat, creating a captivating and visually stunning experience.

Flexibility is at the core of Fablecraft, as it can be played online or in-person on various platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android, and MacOS. The game adapts to fit the diverse lifestyles of players, allowing them to connect with friends and embark on exciting adventures anytime, anywhere.

David Hohusen, Co-founder of Riftweaver, expressed the studio’s mission: “We’re making the tabletop RPG format accessible to anyone with a mobile device, an active imagination, and a sense of adventure. With Fablecraft, players around the world will be able to connect with friends through slightly weird, extremely visually beautiful, often hilarious, and always wonderful experiences.”

Fablecraft’s Kickstarter campaign ends June 7, 2023

Visit the official Fablecraft Kickstarter page


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