Beware, adventurers! Dangerous monsters and demons have breached the boundaries of the Forbidden Lands. Free League Publishing has announced the release of not one, but two major expansions for the multiple award-winning RPG Forbidden Lands.

The first expansion, “Book of Beasts,” is a beautifully illustrated bestiary filled with deadly creatures and lethal encounters. This new addition features 28 meticulously detailed monsters, each one equipped with its own set of mini-adventures, allowing Gamemasters to seamlessly incorporate these creatures into their campaigns. The book also introduces new gameplay elements, including the ability to harvest resources from defeated beasts and use Lore skills to gain insights into a monster’s strengths and weaknesses.

Expect to encounter beasts such as the Amphibian, the Basilisk, the Iron Dragon, the Twisted Ent, and many more. Andreas Marklund and acclaimed Swedish fantasy author Erik Granström penned the “Book of Beasts,” with illustrations by Henrik Rosenborg and graphic design by Niklas Brandt.

The second expansion, “The Bloodmarch” takes players into the volcanic region west of Ravenland, a land of battle-hardened horse riders and secretive dwarves. This ancient region is undergoing rapid changes due to a demonic vegetation spreading across the land. This red curse is seen by many as a threat, while others view it as a necessary evil or even a boon.

“The Bloodmarch” also introduces the “Legacy of Horn” campaign, which sets players on a quest for Horn’s Astra, legendary artifacts said to either halt the demonic growth or ensure its triumph. Erik Granström, the lead setting writer for Forbidden Lands RPG and designer of the game’s first campaign module, “Raven’s Purge,” is the author of “The Bloodmarch.” The expansion is also illustrated by Henrik Rosenborg.

Both expansions are now available in print, PDF, and virtual tabletop formats in the Free League webshop, on DriveThruRPG, and will soon arrive in hobby stores worldwide.

About Forbidden Lands:

The Forbidden Lands RPG is an open-world survival RPG that puts a new spin on classic fantasy role-playing. Instead of being heroes on predetermined quests, players take on the roles of raiders and rogues striving to leave their mark on a cursed world. The game involves discovering lost tombs, battling horrifying monsters, wandering the wild lands, and building strongholds to defend against the dangers of the land.

Forbidden Lands has received numerous accolades, including four ENNIE Awards in 2018, and it was voted Best RPG at the UK Game Expo. Geek & Sundry recognized it as one of the best RPGs of 2018, and Tabletop Magazine described it as a mix of “classic D&D game” memories with a touch of “bleak Scandinavian darkness.”

With these new expansions, the dangerous and exciting world of Forbidden Lands continues to grow, offering even more thrilling adventures for rogues and raiders. So, sharpen your swords, gather your party, and venture forth into the Book of Beasts and The Bloodmarch.