Dungeon Master’s Session Prep Checklist

Dungeon Master’s Session Prep Checklist

Story & NPCs

  • Main plot points (Outline the main events for the session)
  • Important NPCs (Detail key characters, their motivations, and roles)
  • Side quests/subplots (Consider any secondary storylines or quests)
  • Backstory/lore (Prepare any relevant history or world-building info)

World & Environment

  • Key locations (Describe important towns, dungeons, or wilderness areas)
  • Weather conditions (Decide on weather and environmental factors)
  • Maps/visuals (Create or gather maps for significant locations)
  • Points of interest (Establish landmarks or points of interest)

Encounters & Combat

  • Combat encounters (Plan enemy encounters, terrain, and tactics)
  • Non-combat encounters (Design puzzles, traps, or social challenges)
  • Encounter difficulty (Balance encounters for party size and level)
  • Loot/rewards (Determine treasure, magic items, and experience points)

Roleplaying & Player Engagement

  • Character-specific hooks (Develop plot hooks for individual characters)
  • Player actions/reactions (Anticipate how players might respond to events)
  • Improvisation (Prepare for unexpected decisions or actions)
  • Character development (Identify opportunities for character growth)

Miscellaneous & Notes

  • Rules/mechanics review (Review any relevant game rules or mechanics)
  • Materials needed (List required dice, miniatures, or handouts)
  • Session timeline (Plan a rough agenda or sequence of events)