If you’re a game master or dungeon master, you know how important it is to create compelling non-player characters (NPCs) to populate your game world. But sometimes it can be tough to come up with interesting quirks and traits that make your NPCs stand out. That’s where a rollable table can come in handy!

I’ve created a rollable table of 20 NPC quirks that you can use to add some personality and flavor to your game world. Simply roll a d20 (a 20-sided die) to determine which quirk your NPC possesses.

I hope this rollable table of NPC quirks will spark your creativity and add some fun to your next adventure!




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Roll Quirk
1 Speaks in an overly formal or archaic manner.
2 Has a nervous tic or habit, such as tapping their foot or twirling their hair.
3 Obsessed with cleanliness and is constantly wiping down surfaces.
4 Forgetful and frequently loses or forgets important items.
5 Has an unusual hobby or interest, such as collecting stamps or studying obscure historical events.
6 Extremely superstitious and believes in all sorts of omens and signs.
7 Talks to themselves or has imaginary conversations with people who aren’t there.
8 Is always humming or singing a particular tune.
9 Has a distinctive physical trait, such as a scar or a birthmark.
10 Extremely indecisive and has trouble making even minor choices.
11 Is a hypochondriac and is constantly convinced they have some sort of ailment or illness.
12 Overly competitive and always has to be the best at everything.
13 Is a compulsive liar and frequently exaggerates or outright fabricates stories.
14 Is incredibly gullible and will believe just about anything they’re told.
15 Is fiercely independent and refuses to ask for help or accept assistance from others.
16 Has a particular fear or phobia, such as heights or spiders.
17 Is a chatterbox and loves to talk, often rambling on and on about nothing in particular.
18 Is always on the lookout for a bargain and will haggle over even the smallest amounts of money.
19 Has a strange or unusual pet that they dote on and talk about constantly.
20 Is a hopeless romantic and is always seeking out their perfect match, even if it means going to great lengths to find them.