Every Dungeons & Dragons campaign thrives on engaging and creative storylines. As a Dungeon Master, it’s your responsibility to keep the players immersed in your world with captivating adventures and unexpected twists. Rumors and plot hooks can be a fantastic way to introduce new challenges, quests, or mysteries for the characters to explore. To help you keep your campaign fresh and exciting, I’ve put together a rollable table featuring 10 thought-provoking rumors and plot hooks that can be easily integrated into your game.

The Rollable Table: 10 Rumors & Plot Hooks

Roll 1d10 to determine the rumor or plot hook the characters come across:

Roll Rumor/Plot Hook
1 A riddle-obsessed creature guards an enchanted sword deep within an ancient, overgrown forest.
2 Strange lights and eerie sounds emanate from an abandoned tower on a remote island.
3 Cursed bandits hide in nearby hills, hoarding a stolen, valuable artifact in their lair.
4 A ghostly ship appears every full moon, rumored to hold a long-dead pirate king’s treasure.
5 A notorious thief has been stealing magical items, with a large reward offered for their capture.
6 Bizarre crop patterns and agitated livestock fuel local beliefs in malevolent spirits.
7 A child’s invisible friend shares knowledge of a hidden, underground city filled with wonders and dangers.
8 An old journal hints at the location of a mysterious fountain that grants eternal youth.
9 An ancient religious relic lies hidden within a well-guarded fortress in a treacherous mountain pass.
10 Gruesome, blood-drained murders lead to whispers of a vampire residing in an abandoned manor.

The rollable table provides a great starting point for Dungeon Masters to build engaging quests and storylines. Here are some recommendations on how to expand on these ideas and adapt them to your campaign:

Incorporate player backstories: Tie the rumors and plot hooks to the characters’ personal histories, goals, or relationships to create a deeper connection between the players and the story, and encourage role-playing and character development.

Customize the adventure to your setting: Adapt the rumors and plot hooks to fit the unique aspects of your campaign world, such as the geography, history, politics, and culture. This creates a more immersive and cohesive experience for the players.

Combine multiple hooks: Merge two or more rumors or plot hooks from the table to create a more intricate and layered storyline. This can lead to a richer narrative experience and keep the players engaged for a longer period.

And most importantly – have fun and roll some dice!